Exercises in Accessibility — publication — 2022
Publication design for a text by Anaïs Van Ertvelde who wrote a collection of thoughts, feelings, provocations and exhortations centred around two of the themes raised during the course of the festival: the theme of – her own - access needs; and the theme of looking at difference.

By risoprinting the main text in fluo pink, and the elaborate text in purple notes, the two storylines smoothly alternate and interact. A hybrid and fluid typeface is used to highlight titles and phrases. Vibrant gradients over the pages and a purple binding make the publication into a visual whole.

Commisioned by  Marieke De Munck

Brought into being during the festival WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST: Exercises in Accessibility, at VierNulVier, Ghent

Risoprinted by Topo Copy
Combine  font  designed  by Julie Patard