Sofie Deckers (1991) is a designer based in Lausanne who investigates graphics in relation with space, performance, photography and video. Her work is driven by a fascination for the impossible longing and the interplay between reality and the artifice of representation.

Paradise Series     
performance, scenography, graphic design

Paradise Series is an installation with specifically designed tools activated during a performance, allowing me  to escape my mundane daily life.

The dream of a life better than the one we know is an essential part of human nature. Paradise is an omnipresent timeless figure expressing a yearning for that which is absent or desired. It has shifted over time and adapted itself to changing purposes and circumstances. Today, in our modern western society, Paradise has become a commodity on the tourist market, a highly controlled construction that responds to the needs of Western tourists to transcend the limits of daily life. Escapism is produced and sold in an easy accessible form: a getaway to an exotic remote island. However, it is an artificial construction that ignores the local reality of these destinations and the imagined experience can never be reached, because it doesn't exist outside the imagination.   
    With the installation and performance that brings it to life, I become the director of this collective fantasy with the help of movable and easy to set up elements. The content of the file cabinet is based on a research in many travel catalogues.

© Photos: HEAD – Genève, Baptiste Coulon, Raphaelle Mueller 

The Monument
scenography, collage

Through a window into another world, you see a familiar shape yet something is different. The dislocation and disproportionate scale of what you see provoke an unsettling feeling and an awareness of insignificance in the face of this giant object: is it a relic of the past or rather a sign of the future? Is it worshipped as a deity or a monument of dictatorial repression?

A diorama designed for Congress of Spoons, at Salone Internazionnale del mobile de Milano 2019. This exhibition explores the narrative power of objects and our relationship with them, each cabinet proposing a different way of looking at the same object: the spoon.⁣ 
(concept by Eleonora Pizzini)

© Photos: HEAD – Genève, Baptiste Coulon, Michel Giesbrecht

Congress of Spoons
graphic design

Identity and Graphic Concept proposal for Congress of Spoons (in collaboration with Beatriz Granado and Fatou Dravé)

Created during a one week workshop with Neoneo

HEAD – Genève

Ziggy Stardust
graphic design